22 January 2014

Myanma Freedom Daily provides on-the-ground snapshot of Myanmar

Myanmar has received much press in the region towards the end of last year through its hosting of the 2013 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. It will receive as much attention, if not more, through its Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) chairmanship in 2014. Google the country, and you’ll find a lot about its potential, but little about what’s happening on the ground.

Winston Nyan Win, Managing Editor, Myanma Freedom Daily, aims to change that. “Myanmar has entered a new era of unprecedented renewal and development and is destined to be the ‘last economic frontier’ in East Asia. There will be opportunities as well as challenges,” he says.

The relatively new Myanma Freedom Daily covers current affairs because they will impact the country, Win says. “That includes the business leaders and academics and their activities and trends which will give insightful perspectives on the country's economy,” he said.

The newspaper features key businessmen in a daily Q&A section, and also in a daily Who's Who section, Win added.

Businesses in Myanmar can get a print subscription direct from the publisher, while everyone can read the paper online, or download a PDF of the day’s stories. “Our subscribers include major hotels in Yangon, foreign embassies, NGOs and expats,” Win shared.