19 January 2014

New radio programme promotes knowledge sharing in Oman

Knowledge Oman, a knowledge sharing community platform in the Sultanate of Oman, will be involved in a new hour-long weekly radio programme in collaboration with the Ministry of information.  

Tariq Al Barwani, Founder and President of Knowledge Oman, will be hosting a live radio FM programme every Tuesday at 5.30pm called 'Knowledge Talks'. The hourly programme can be heard on 90.4 FM radio in the Sultanate. 

"It's a weekly interview with various industry experts and leaders on different fields that contribute to knowledge," Al Barwani explained.

Knowledge Oman is entirely run voluntarily by a team of local and expatriate community living in Oman. The organisation creates programmes and launches initiatives that contribute to the mission of promoting knowledge. It has collaborated with Microsoft, e-Max, the largest electronic store in the country, and the Information Technology Authority of Oman, among others. 

Knowledge Oman has also worked with other ministries in Oman. It recently announced a collaboration with the Ministry of Education to extend its mission of promoting knowledge by conducting a series of workshops across Oman.