14 January 2014

Taiwan a strong contender for Asia Pacific headquarters status: BERI

Looking for a new site for Asia-Pacific regional headquarters? Your new office could be in Taiwan.
Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) has ranked Switzerland, followed by Singapore and then Taiwan top for the "Profit Opportunity Recommendation" metric out of 50 countries and territories in its third "Report on the Evaluation of Environmental Risks of Investment" for 2013, issued in December 2013.
Taiwan ranks second in the world after Singapore for operations risk. BERI noted that although the island's economic growth momentum is being held back by weak private consumer demand, warming exports are expected to stimulate economic recovery in 2014. 

The organisation predicted that Taiwan's financial sector will maintain growth momentum in 2014 and 2015, with most banks enjoying a healthy structure and stable profits.

The report gave Taiwan a continued recommendation to invest. BERI pointed out that the island is continuing to strengthen its external economic and trade relations, especially through the promotion of free trade agreements, and relations with mainland China are expected to remain friendly over the next five years. 

For political risk, Taiwan is tenth-lowest in the world and second-lowest in Asia, behind only Singapore. In the "Remittance and Repatriation Factor" index on the other hand, Taiwan ranks top in the world. 

In its report, BERI pointed out that Taiwan has a healthy trade and current account surplus; its trade surplus totaled US$28.24 billion in the first 10 months of 2013 and its current account surplus for the whole year was projected to reach US$55.78 billion, exceeding the US$48.88 recorded in 2012.