22 February 2014

First Bitcoin conference in China to debut in May

Bitfund.pe, a Bitcoin-related private equity, and UBM China have announced the first global Bitcoin conference in China. The Global Bitcoin Summit 2014 (GBS) will be held in Beijing from May 10 to 11. 

Source: GBS
The eight tracks at GBS will feature discussions on Bitcoin trends in China and abroad and explore how to create new or expand existing businesses with Bitcoin.

Li Xiaolai, President, GBS and Founder of Bitfund.pe, said: "Bitcoin is a stunning invention and an innovation opportunity for China. Bitcoin startups began flourishing in China at the end of 2012. 

Source: GBS
"In one year, there have been a number of Bitcoin organisations that have come to the fore and are driving this industry both in China and abroad. GBS aims to showcase the latest news and innovations in the Bitcoin world and to let the world learn about the development of Bitcoin in the China market."
The website will be launched in the near future, and registrations made before March 25 would qualify for early bird discounts, Li said.

Contact Hubert Guan of UBM or Hitters Xu of Bitfund.pe for enquiries.