18 March 2014

China-Myanmar travel will be easier with Air China's new routes

Air China will debut new routes from Beijing to Yangon and from Chengdu to Kunming to Yangon on March 30, boosting options from main hub Beijing and regional hub Chengdu respectively.  
Source: Air China
At the end of 2013, Air China introduced non-stop services from Beijing to Chiang Mai and Siem Reap. In 2014, the carrier will continue to service what it calls its "Pilgrimage Tour." 

According to the airline, the situation in Myanmar has stabilised, and business travel to the city is steadily increasing. "Statistics suggest that in the three years from 2010 to 2012, air travellers from China to Yangon increased at a rate of 30.1%, and from January to July 2013, travelers increased by 23.1% year on year," the company said in a statement. 

The two new services will also offer an additional transit option via Beijing for Southeast Asia travellers to Japan, South Korea, Europe, and America, the company said. 

Air China's Beijing-Yangon four-times weekly service CA715/6 will be operated on Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday with B737-800 planes. The outbound flight departs from Beijing at 1930 and arrives in Yangon at 2250. The return flight leaves Yangon at 2350 and arrives in Beijing at 0550. All flight times are in the local time.

Air China's Chengdu-Kunming-Yangon daily service CA905/6 will fly from Monday to Sunday with A320 planes. The outbound flight departs from Chengdu at 0825, arrives in Kunming at 0940, departs from Kunming at 1045, and arrives in Yangon at 1115 local time. The return flight departs from Yangon at 1215, arrives in Kunming at 1600, departs from Kunming at 1705  and arrives in Chengdu at 1815. All times reported are in local time.