25 March 2014

New top level domain for brands with global expansion in mind

A new top level domain (TLD), '.global', has been launched at ICANN 49. The TLD will allow growing organisations with an eye on expanding beyond their home bases to create a level playing field in competing against more established brands in Europe and North America which dominate in the well-recognised '.com' TLD space.

Source: .GLOBAL website
The new TLD is likely to be on many corporate wishlists. While the '.asia' TLD is already in use, it has a regional feel, while '.net' does not have the same ring. “The launch of .GLOBAL today is an exciting opportunity for Asian businesses to finally get the perfect international business domain name that has been unavailable to them with .com,” said Rolf Larsen, CEO at .GLOBAL

“Companies in Asia had previously found themselves at a disadvantage as their rivals in Europe and America acquired the best domain names early, forcing them to pay extortionate prices on the second hand domain market.  .GLOBAL is here to re-open naming opportunities for Asian businesses who want to become global and spur innovation across the internet.”

According to the company, the .global domain is a borderless strategy which offers presents businesses with an unrivalled opportunity to establish a global online identity, which in turn can re-define or enhance their business model.  

Domain registrars worldwide will offer the choice of .global domains. Trademark holders can register their names for .global on July 9, 2014 while .global names will be open for public registration on September 12, 2014. Premium names for a select group of high-value generics and business terms will be priced separately and released via an auction system provider.

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