22 April 2014

An online sales training platform which allows role plays

Role plays are an indispensable part of sales training - an activity where two participants enact a real life scenario such as a salesman delivering a sales pitch to a customer. 

However, most businesses use meeting software to conduct sales training for distributed sales teams, but such software does not allow sales professionals to practice a pitch in an online environment, before they approach a customer.  
uniRow's TrainingCloud.com has been especially developed to support role plays during an online sales training session. With TrainingCloud.com, the trainer can not only conduct role-plays but also record them for later evaluation and share them to teach.

Says Nimit Kumar, CEO & Founder, uniRow, "Sales is not about knowing everything but about putting to work whatever you know. The only time-tested way of doing this is by practicing the pitch through role plays. Our platform makes it possible to be done online for geographically distributed sales teams.

"The greatest value proposition of TrainingCloud.com is it accelerates peer/social learning - the best approach in sales education where the good guys learn from the best guy."