17 April 2014

Kickstarter focus: Mouse Glove to replace mice

One entrepreneur hopes a "Mouse Glove" on Kickstarter will be a new way to interact with technology, possibly doing away with the need for touch screens. 

Source: Kickstarter website
"We combined a commonly used wireless computer mouse with a wearable design that allows the user to have a more comfortable and natural experience when working with their electronic devices. It puts the hand in a more comfortable position than a traditional mouse, which minimises risk of wrist injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome," explains the Mouse Glove Kickstarter page. 

The product has the same features as a mouse like the left and right click commands, scrolling ability, and cursor control. "Along with these features we hope to also add a pinch to zoom interface and a lock button to allow the user to disable the mouse while typing," says In-Tech, the company behind the Mouse Glove. 

The initial funding will allow In-Tech to begin production and finish the development of the pinch to zoom capability. Backers who pledge US$50 will receive a mouse glove which ships only within the US. The request for funding ends on May 10.

View the associated video here.