5 April 2014

Kickstarter focus: TwistVolt, the designer power strip

Most power strips are just that - strips that accept traditional power plugs. The TwistVolt is a power strip that has integrated USB outlets and is able to twist and fold so as to meet power needs as required. 

Source: Kickstarter website
"Our vision was to re-imagine the power strip, to be energy efficient and give access to all outlets. The result, is industry leading energy efficiency, enough USB power to charge all of your devices - fast, in a unique patent pending non-blocking outlet design that you would want to show ON your desk, kitchen counter, living room, conference room, or anywhere where it can be seen, used, and enjoyed," says inventor Michael Schroeder. 
US$49 gets backers a standard TwistVolt, with no USB ports, and US$89 a TwistVolt that has two USB ports. The request for funding expires May 5.

View the associated video here.