3 June 2014

Kickstarter focus: iFind, powered by ambient electromagnetic radiation

WeTag's iFind tags communicate with iOS or Android devices using Bluetooth and do not need to be charged. As with other locator systems, a tag is placed on the item and tracked through the phone. 

If the item moves out of range, the owner is alerted through the 'Rope' feature, and nearby phones can help detect the object through Bluetooth via the 'UHelp' feature. A fascinating feature for iFind is that shaking the iFind tags will cause the phone to vibrate, WeTag said.

Source: Kickstarter.

The difference is that the iFind tag does not contain a battery and is powered by ambient electromagnetic radiation, WeTag says. "It recycles electromagnetic energy and stores it in a unique power bank. This exciting feature frees you from the trouble of charging batteries or replacing them through the manufacturer," say the makers on the Kickstarter page.

For US$16, a backer is entitled to one locator in one of a dozen colours. Overseas shipping costs US$10.

The funding campaign ends June 30. View the associated video here.

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