15 June 2014

McAfee and LG partner to bring anti-theft feature to G3 smartphone

McAfee, part of Intel Security, and LG Electronics have announced that the new LG G3 is pre-installed with a unique version of McAfee Mobile Security that includes an anti-theft feature designed to protect G3 users from unauthorised factory resets. 

Source: LG website. The G3.

A 'Kill' Switch allows users to disable their phones even if they are lost or stolen. Content can also be deleted to prevent personal information from being compromised. 

The McAfee Mobile Security lock screen blocks attempts to reset the phone, requires password authentication, and can be controlled by the user from the device or the a web console. 

Smartphones have become a target for criminals because of their monetary value and the personal data that consumers store on them. The growing prevalence of malware is also a concern for mobile users. McAfee’s Consumer Mobile Security Report findings show that the quantity of Android malware rose 197% between December 2012 and December 2013.

“The implementation of the Kill Switch feature is just one of several specific measures we are taking to ensure that our users can easily and comprehensively protect themselves from the growing threat landscape, both physical and online,” said Dr. Ramchan Woo, Head, smartphone planning division of LG.  

“Our collaboration with LG is intended to develop unique means of protecting users’ digital lives,” said David Freer, Vice President, Consumer – APAC at McAfee. 

Through a multi-year global partnership, LG G3 is now equipped with a unique version of McAfee Mobile Security to protect users from security and privacy threats and identity theft. Antivirus, data backup, remote lock and wipe, and remote tracking are all available through the McAfee app for five years at no cost.

McAfee Mobile Security has been pre-installed and the Kill Switch feature has been automatically activated on LG G3 phones from May 28. McAfee Mobile Security is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Read more about the free version of McAfee Mobile Security here