3 July 2014

Kluje.com expands property management bidding e-platform

Kluje.com, pronounced "clue-jay", has extended its successful online contractor platform to over 30,000 property agents and facility managers. The agency platform enables users to locate quality contractors for jobs such as electrical wiring, plumbing or flooring.

"We have created a tailored solution for real estate agents and facilities managers who are always stretched on time to maintain and fix the properties they’re looking after. Knowing that they’ve to manage their time more effectively, we hope that Kluje.com’s agency platform can bring productivity gains for the industry," says Jamey Merkel, CEO of Kluje.com. 

Merkel notes that the site can also help with commercial renovation. "Although Kluje.com was originally targeted at the home renovation market, we have had a fair amount of interest in commercial renovation. In fact, building managers can specify during our request process if the property is commercial. I believe that this is a huge untapped market as Kluje.com expands into the B2B side of renovation,” he commented.

The new agency service is designed to meet specific needs as one account holder can service multiple residences or offices. Furthermore, the user will be able to manage the jobs posted and indicate whether the contractor should liaise with him/her or directly with the property owner/tenant. The new solution enables agents to post more home improvement jobs on the Kluje.com platform.

Kluje.com runs a simple three-step process to realising one’s dream office:

1. Post ‘jobs to be done’ on the website for free - choose 'commercial' under 'Property Type' dropdown menu.

2. Up to three quality contractors can bid for the job.

3. Select the best contractor based on their portfolio and ratings.

"We are really excited to bring additional functionality to our platform, that will aid us in our mission to create an online community of trusted renovation professionals," added Merkel.

Kluje.com intends to build a mobile app for its users to manage jobs/bids on the go. The app will be built in-house by technology start-up accelerator and Kluje.com’s cornerstone investor GHX and should be launched shortly.