23 July 2014

MoneyGram self-service kiosks to stay in 7-Eleven stores in Australia

Source: 7-Eleven Australia website.
MoneyGram International, a global money transfer and payment services company and the only funds transfer provider in Australia to offer money transfer services through a kiosk, has extended its agreement with 7-Eleven in Australia to allow customers to send and receive funds anytime at self-service kiosks located in 7-Eleven stores. More than 60% of transactions made at these kiosks are completed after normal business hours.

"This agreement demonstrates MoneyGram's commitment to providing customers with innovative and convenient options to quickly send and receive funds at any time," said Grant Lines, MoneyGram's EVP of Asia Pacific, South Asia and Middle East. "7-Eleven's relationship with Cullinan Consulting Group, which provides the kiosks and retailer assistance technology, has enabled us to successfully offer these easy-to-use, technologically advanced services at 7-Eleven stores since 2010, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration."

The kiosks provide convenient, easy-to-use money transfer services 24 hours a day at more than 530 7-Eleven stores in Australia. 
7-Eleven Stores operates 600 stores in Queensland, New South Wales,Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory in Australia.

"Introducing MoneyGram has provided our customers with another reason to visit 7-Eleven. Thousands of new and repeat customers use this service every year, enhancing our convenient, one-stop shopping for Australians," said Warren Wilmot, CEO of 7-Eleven Stores.

According to the World Bank, the Australia remittance market is worth approximately US$7.3 billion as of April 2014. Money transfer transactions sent from Australia primarily go to India, the Philippines, Fiji, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Africa.