2 July 2014

Six times the power with Duracell batteries

Source: Duracell. In celebration of 50 years of portable power, Duracell partners TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, the fourth film in director Michael Bay's global franchise, in a showdown of good versus evil.
Duracell, the battery people, celebrates 50 years of portable power this year. While the shape of the classic battery hasn't changed much, advances in battery technology have improved battery life considerably. 

The latest Duracell CopperTop AA and AAA batteries with Duralock Power Preserve Technology, the type used in wireless mice and keyboards, last six times longer than ordinary batteries* and are rated for reliable operation in temperature extremes from -20°C to 54°C. A higher compression seal and enhanced crimp leakage resistance reduce the likelihood of leaks. The Duracell batteries also have up to a 10-year guarantee in storage. 

“Duracell is the world’s No. 1 battery brand and that drives us to innovate and excel. When you choose Duracell batteries, you are choosing 50 years of innovation powering the devices that keep us connected, protected and entertained,” said Stefan Sallandt, Commercial Director of Duracell Asia.

*Based on technical tests on digital cameras vs. ordinary zinc carbon batteries.