16 July 2014

SME lessons from viral campaigns

Promotional products retailer 4imprint has created a new infographic entitled 'Going Viral' which outlines what small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could learn from successful viral marketing campaigns.

For instance, it advises that linking a campaign with something that is already popular, such as a TV show or a book, can be a particularly effective way of enabling a marketing drive to catch on among a certain audience or demographic.

Companies are also encouraged to think about product trials and giveaways to generate long-term interest in their offerings and to build customer loyalty.

Source: 4imprint.

Another key lesson for businesses is that social media can present SMEs with many opportunities to market their brand, with methods such as clever hashtags to spotlight a campaign.

Cheryl Jackson-Leafield, Marketing Manager of 4imprint UK and Ireland, commented: "While SMEs can never guarantee that a new marketing campaign will go viral, they can significantly boost their chances of taking the world by storm by ensuring it ticks all the right boxes."
View the full infographic here.