11 August 2014

Free WooCommerce WordPress plugin hits 4 million downloads

WooThemes, which develops themes, plugins and shopping cart functionality for WordPress, announced that its WooCommerce WordPress plugin tool has now surpassed 4 million* downloads. WooCommerce is WooThemes' free flagship product, with official partnerships with companies like Amazon, Mastercard, and PayPal. 

Source: WooThemes website.
WooCommerce allows businesses to power e-commerce sites with WordPress as the underlying content management system. 

WooThemes operates on a freemium model: the basic plugin is free, with some free add-ons, but more complex extensions and themes are only available for a price. Plugins for sale on the WooThemes site include a single site licence for a customer history plugin that tracks how a customer browses and records purchases to date for US$49, whereas barcodes can be generated for every order - to be used with packing labels and other paperwork - for a single site licence cost of US$79.

The plugin is now one of the most popular shopping cart functionality plugins, a distinction recently confirmed by Builtwith, a website profiler and business intelligence tool. WooThemes said that approximately 381,000 e-commerce sites worldwide using WooCommerce, accounting for nearly 18% of all Internet e-commerce sites. 

"WooCommerce growth continues to amaze us. As its catalogue of niche functionality enabling extensions multiplies, we are seeing impressive and creative customer implementations of shops of all sizes - proving the range of scalable e-commerce solutions possible," said Mark Forrester, Co-founder of WooThemes. 

The company is looking ahead to release WooCommerce 2.2 later this quarter and expects e-commerce to reach a new level of innovation as a result. Forrester said the company is "still at the beginning of our rocket ride". 

*At the time of writing the number had reached 4,027,260 downloads.