12 August 2014

India gets a new airline: Vistara

Tata SIA Airlines Limited (TSAL) announced August 11 that the brand name of its new airline will be 'Vistara'. The news follows an MoU in September 2013 between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines to establish a new airline in India that will help further stimulate demand for air travel.

Source: Twitter. The Vistara logo was unveiled on Twitter and Facebook.

The name Vistara is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘vistaar’, which means ‘limitless expanse’, and draws inspiration from the brand’s domain - the ‘limitless’ sky. The logo is derived from a ‘yantra’, a perfect mathematical form that reflects the unbounded universe. Its interconnecting lines reflect the seamless experience the airline wants to offer its customers. The eight-pointed star at the centre of the logo reflects the high standards Vistara is committed to the excellence that will be a hallmark of the airline.

Vistara is expected to start operations in October 2014 with the mandate to ensure quality in every aspect of customer engagement. Headquartered in Delhi, India, Vistara will take delivery of its first plane, an Airbus A320-200, in September and plans to increase its fleet to 20 aircraft, including A320neos, by the end of the fifth year of operation.

Source: Tata Sons.
Prasad Menon, Chairman, TSAL, said, "Vistara will redefine the way we travel in India. I can confidently say that Tata's and SIA's legendary hospitality standards and service excellence will make Vistara a natural choice for passengers."

Phee Teik Yeoh, CEO, TSAL, said, "We aim to deliver a seamless experience via personalisation of services for guests who travel with us. Our core belief is that we will be intuitively thoughtful about our guests' needs from the time they contact us to the time they leave the airport. Whether they are leisure or business travellers, we would like to make a significant difference at every stage of their air travel experience, and truly bring back the joy of flying."

Source: Facebook. The uniform is designed by Abraham & Thakore, and meant to capture the spirit of Vistara – elegant, practical and embodying the best of the Indian tradition. Initial comments on Facebook were that saris would have been more traditional.

Commenting on the significance of Singapore Airlines (SIA) operating in India along with Tata, Swee Wah Mak, Director, TSAL, and Executive Vice-President Commercial, SIA, said, “From a global investor’s perspective the Indian aviation sector has a lot of potential for growth and I am delighted that SIA now has a fruitful role to play here. SIA’s world renowned tradition of service excellence will contribute to the creation of the finest flying experience in the Indian skies through Vistara.”