18 August 2014

Over 10,000 screened for Ebola at Indian airports since 10 August

The Indian government has reported that 10,194 passengers from countries affected by Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been screened by the Immigration Department via airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Trivandrum, Kolkata and Kochi.

A number of individuals have tested negative for the disease as of 16 August, including two Nigerian nationals and an Indian national. Another Nigerian national is under observation at Dr RML Hospital. 

A quarantine cum isolation health facility at Delhi Airport is operational, and all suspect cases detected at Delhi Airport will now be admitted to this facility, the government said. Since 16 August, five citizens of Indian origin aged 38 (M), 38(F), 7(M), 2 (F) and 31(F) have been admitted to this facility. All of them have been found negative for EVD in tests done at NCDC.

The Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) is tracking such passengers, the details of whom are provided to them by the Airport Health Organization. Today, 90 passengers were enrolled for follow up in their respective states through State IDSP units. As of 17 August, a cumulative number of 267 passengers are being tracked. Most of them are in the States of Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The Control Room in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has received 557 calls since its inception on 9 August. Most of the callers have sought information on signs and symptoms of the disease and travel related risk of acquiring the infection.

WHO has reported a total of 2,127 cases and 1,145 deaths as of 13 August 2014 due to EVD from affected countries.