22 September 2014

Free Fuuzle news consolidation service translates content into 26 languages

Fuuzle aims to make looking for information easier. The company collates and makes available the contents of millions of newsletters and RSS feeds from across the globe and translates them into 26 languages to a reasonable degree of accuracy. According to Fuuzle, some of this information "can hardly or not be found via search engines". 

Source: Fuuzle website.

Now in beta, the company's database sees more than 100 million unique RSS feeds and more than 5 million newsletters added a month. With 26 translations per document, that's around 2.75 billion documents per month since spring (Editor's note: roughly late Q2).

Fuuzle is offered free of charge, and will generate its income through unobtrusive geo-specific advertising. Fuuzle aims to have 15 to 90 million regular users in the near future. 

Fuuzle expects its main growth to be in the fields of the knowledge-based economies: the US, but also in Europe (Great Britain), Japan and South Korea.