3 September 2014

Max Brenner's website picks up New Media Award Web Award

Source: Max Brenner website.
The Max Brenner website is a 'best in industry' winner for the food and beverage category in the 2014 New Media Awards, organised by the New Media Institute, a research and fact-finding organisation whose mission is to improve public understanding of issues surrounding the Internet and other forms new media communications.

The website for the restaurant, which has outlets in Australia, Japan and Singapore, is described as 'dynamic' and creating "a sense of immersion" through photography that "feels real, even messy".

"It's absolutely amazing to see so much creativity come from such varied industries and from different parts of the world. We are extremely proud to recognize their achievements," stated Barbara Eber-Schmid, EVP at the New Media Institute. "Entries were judged based on innovation, content, design, user-friendliness, how dynamic they are, and most importantly -- how well they serve their audience's needs."

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