30 September 2014

Riva launches free software for workplace communications

Riva, a startup in the communication space, has launched Flock, a free messaging app to power workplace communications. 

Source: Flock website.

Flock provides a way for teams to connect and communicate with each other across all platforms and operating systems. Flock allows teams to chat one-to-one or in a group setting after signing in using their work email. The app automatically syncs the entire office directory to every employee's device, creating a workplace-only environment and eliminating the need to blend work and personal IDs and messages.

"We are passionate about increasing productivity through efficient workplace communications, and are building a set of tools that enable rapid interaction and decision making," said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and founder of Riva. "Flock just works - it is easy to use, secure, simple and stays out of the way."

Features include:
  • Mobile and desktop support
  • File and image sharing within the application
  • Group chats
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Auto-updated company directory
  • Synced conversations across multiple devices
  • Read and delivery receipts
  • Unlimited chat history
  • Admin interface to manage employee exits

"Flock gives employees the opportunity to chat in real time in a single place without mixing their personal and work messages," said Ninad Rawal, Product Manager, Riva. "Public instant messengers were never meant for workplace communication. Flock eliminates any chance of accidentally mixing your work or personal messages, or sending your personal ID to clients."

Flock is available on Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS and Android platforms worldwide. To download it, please visit flock.co or download via the Apple App Store or Google Play. To view the accompanying video, click here.