6 October 2014

Eyewear goes back to vintage shapes and sizes at Rodenstock

In early 2014 fashion and beauty icon Claudia Schiffer and Germany-based Rodenstock, which makes ophthalmic lenses and spectacle frames, presented their first eyewear collection. In September, the company unveiled an autumn/winter collection for Claudia Schiffer by Rodenstock, with colour updates for various models. 

"The beauty of sunglasses is that they are such an easy and inspiring way to build a look. Accessorised with the perfect coat, bag or jeans, a pair of sunglasses can make a strong statement,” says Schiffer, the Creative Director of the collection.

Willow sunglasses, which are part of the Vintage family, are already a fashion favourite. The new colour update is a retro pink layered acetate (C3007 E). In the Havana shade (C3007 F), which has gold coloured temples, Rodenstock suggests they go well with blue denim and cashmere. 

The rubber-coated Chestnut frame, from the Boyfriend family, also has two new colour variations. A bright blue style with camouflage temples (C3003 E) for a sporty look, and a combination of transparent grey and burgundy red (C3003 F). 

"I love colourful accessories with an element of fun. These frames are a perfect pop of colour for autumn. I’ll wear them with jeans, high boots and a statement cape,” says Schiffer. 

Some of the over-sized frames and modern shapes are unisex. “I’ve always loved the look of my husband’s glasses so I used these for inspiration for shapes and colours on the Boyfriend models,” says Schiffer. 

The Apple frame is now also available in classic black (C3004 F). Based on the colours of autumn and inspired by Schiffer's passion for nature, this model is now also available with a Havana front and a contrast bright orange temple (C3004 E).

Previously only available in single colours, the over-sized retro fashion bestseller Birch is updated with a combination of different colours and prints. The frames now have an elegant contrast temple in warm brown (C3006 E). Another variation is in red with contrasting black-and-red marbled temples (C3006 F). “The over-sized frames are one of my favourite styles because they add a vintage touch to an everyday outfit,” says Schiffer.

“Oversized collections are still going to be popular as we head towards the end of 2014 because they appeal to all ages and demographics,” says Damien Klevge from Rodenstock UK.

“Retro shapes are also increasingly in demand. Our culture may be ever-changing but we never seem to tire of vintage.”

For bright colours such as blue, amber and green with a 60's look, Rodenstock suggests rocco by Rodenstock. The frames are characterised by shiny or matte finishes and prominent lens shapes. Colours include plum, light blue, champagne, crystal and red. In the Porsche Design range, model P8267 comes in red or green and P8266 in plum or rose.

*Images from Rodenstock.