13 October 2014

Kodak Alaris launches KODAK CapturePro Software v5.0

Mid-to-large sized enterprises are always searching for ways to boost efficiency and productivity in information management. Scanning and extracting data for use in business processes and exporting information into repositories can be a productivity bottleneck, with serious implications on the cost of back-office operations and customer satisfaction. 

Source: Kodak Alaris.

"As organisations become increasingly dependent on e-business platforms to drive profitability, it’s clear that the remaining paper-based information must be managed more effectively,” said Harvey Spencer, President of Harvey Spencer Associates, a leading analyst firm in the capture software market. “The best way to do this is to convert paper to usable electronic information as fast as possible."

To address the increasing demand for fast, efficient capture solutions, Kodak Alaris has introduced KODAK CapturePro Software v5.0, software that enables businesses to enjoy greater accuracy, efficiency and cost effectiveness within their document scanning processes. Capture Pro Software v5.0 enables users to simplify scanning, automate indexing and enable users to streamline the process of transforming paper into information. Its advanced indexing capabilities automate data extraction and deliver critical information to enterprise content management (ECM) systems and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as business applications.

“With Capture Pro Software v5.0, Kodak Alaris continues to make it quick and easy for end users to scan documents and index information, helping businesses save costs and improve productivity,” said Spencer.

Capture Pro Software has proven impact in many business applications. Examples include:

· A government department that digitises client records in different locations. Case workers can now access records faster, provide better customer service and reduce the risk of fraud.

· A healthcare provider eliminated manual indexing and improved accuracy in the management of patient records. Pertinent data including patient name, ID, time, and reason for visit are now auto-filed in forms. The result is lower costs and error rates, smarter resource allocation and improved patient care.

· A service bureau uses drag-and-drop optical character recognition (OCR) on specific client data to check the database and reduce data entry time by 50%. Capture Pro Software is enhancing the accuracy of data entry by eliminating the need to manually key in data twice.

“Our customers can be found in literally any vertical and horizontal paper-based business application. They use Capture Pro Software to turn documents into shareable, searchable data across their organisation,” said Susheel John, Managing Director, Document Imaging, Kodak Alaris Asia Pacific. 

“With each version, we have enhanced the functionality to address the changing demands of information capture. Based on valuable feedback from our Voice of the Customer programme, we have made a number of improvements in Capture Pro v5.0, including a simpler user interface and several productivity enhancements.”
Key new features in Capture Pro v5.0 include:

· A quick start user interface that allow users to initiate a scan job with a single click. The GUI is more intuitive and eliminates the learning curve for knowledge workers who only occasionally use a scanner.

· Support for Windows 8.1 

· Expanded support of new scanners from Kodak Alaris, as well as additional third-party scanners.

Capture Pro Software earned a 2014 Summer Pick Award from Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world's leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware and software, in the document imaging solutions category. BLI cited Capture Pro’s breadth of functionality and ease as key selling points, plus the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) feature, which accurately indexed checkboxes on every test document that BLI evaluated.

For a free trial of KODAK Capture Pro Software v5.0, please visit kodakalaris.com/go/capturepronews.