15 October 2014

Noontec launches small power bank, lightweight battery pack

Noontec has launched an ultra power bank called the Giant Mini and possibly one of the lightest portable chargers in the market today, the Polo, in collaboration with its exclusive distributor Signeo SEA (Spring-Cass) in Singapore.

Source: Noontec. The
Giant Mini.

The Noontec Giant Mini 10,000mAh Ultra Power Bank uses the same kind of batteries generally used in electric cars, which are more efficient during power transfers. The device (85 mm L X 61 mm W X 32 mm H) weighs 240 grams, and is available in black and white. It has a suggested retail price of S$89.

The Noontec Polo Mobile Battery Pack, available in white or green, features a 5,600mAh battery capacity with two USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously. Weighing 120 grams, the Polo has built-in circuitry that provides over-current, over-charging, over-discharge, and over-voltage protection. The Polo has a SRP of S$49.

Source: Noontec. The Noontec Polo.
Both power products are available at Epilife, HMW, Mustafa, Lucky Store, and at Changi Airport (T3 - Electronics Hub and T2 - iSound).

*Prices include GST.