31 October 2014

Pebble Road organises course on the Art of Persuasive Design

Getting website visitors to take the action you expect them to is not always as easy as it seems. Landing page conversion rates might be lower than expected, or few people seem to want to click the "Subscribe” button.

The lack of action may have to do with low motivation. "People may not be motivated even if you make the font size bigger. Motivation is driven by internal, emotional triggers rather than external ones," says Pebble Road, a user experience design consultancy based in Singapore on the event microsite. The company has worked on content strategy for SingTel, created a social app for IE Singapore, and designed websites for Singapore Management University and the British Council.

The company says it may have the answer with the science of influence and persuasion. In a one-day course, usability professionals, marketing professionals, web and graphic designers, and content creators can learn how to apply persuasive design strategies such as reciprocity and social proof to drive action. The course will cover:

  • How users think and make decisions
  • Decision making biases
  • 12 effective principles of persuasion with plenty of examples
  • Successful case studies utilizing persuasive principles
  • Hands-on practice to create a persuasion strategy

The November 6 event will be held at the Lifelong Learning Institute in Eunos. Tickets cost S$350 and are available here.