16 October 2014

Toshiba's Ultra-HD 4K L9450 Pro Theatre TVs are at home in living rooms or boardrooms

Toshiba's latest Ultra-HD 4K L9450 series with Android Pro Theatre TVs combines image quality with an abundance of Android apps that are downloadable on Google Play. 

The TVs can be used as computer displays, and are bought by businesses for conference rooms, the company said. With available Android apps, documents created by common productivity software can be downloaded to available memory on the TV and viewed onscreen, eliminating the need for a presentation device. Wireless mice, keyboards and gamepads can be used in addition to the standard remote control as input devices*.

Four times sharper than Full HD, Ultra-HD 4K offers enhanced clarity for a growing selection of 4K content. The L9450 series is equipped with a proprietary CEVO 4K Engine that drives the 4K resolution, texture restoration and brilliance restoration, allowing regular content like TV shows and DVDs to achieve near-4K image quality. 

The L9450 series is also available in screen sizes of up to 84", providing an immersive cinematic-viewing experience. The 50" and 65" models further stand out with Direct LED (full array) with local dimming unlike most Ultra HD 4K TVs in the market.

The latest Android 4.4 platform can support up to eight users and is customisable via “Drag & Drop” widgets and webpage shortcuts.

Furthermore, users can now enjoy their favourite Android apps on a big screen while seamlessly sharing content across different Android devices via a wireless mouse, keyboard and game pad*.

“With the huge popularity of Android mobile devices, Toshiba recognised the potential within this market segment. The L9450 is developed to deliver not only the best picture realised by Ultra-HD 4K and our proprietary imaging technologies, but also the versatility of the multi-platform Android without an additional set top box,” said Ronald So, Assistant General Manager of Toshiba Singapore.

Key features of the L9450 series include:

- Ultra HD 4K Technology – Offers a new intensity in image quality with four times as many pixels as Full HD.

- CEVO 4K Engine – Incorporates a suite of advanced image enhancement functions, such as 4K Resolution+, driven by a hexa-core processor.

- Android 4.4 – Provides an estimated 3,000 apps today together with Internet browsing, screen mirroring and other smart TV functions.

- High Brightness Panel with local dimming. 

Wide Colour Gamut: The L9450 (the 50" model) provides 14% richer colour than the 2013 model. 

- High-brightness Panel: The L9450 is 75% brighter than the 2013 model.

- Direct LED with local dimming: By controlling the dimming in areas individually, the overall image contrast is improved, especially in scenes with both light and shade such as sunsets. 

Recommended pricing for the 50" model is S$2,299, for the 65" model, S$4,999 and the 84" model, S$17,999. 

Also new in the 2014 Toshiba Pro-Theatre line-up is the L5450 series, which also have integrated Android 4.4. 
The family has 32", 40", 47" and 55" models and features:

- CEVO Engine Premium – A dual-core engine to boost image quality.

- Intelligent Scene Optimizer – Optimises image and sound in real time**, producing an immersive entertainment experience specific to each movie genre.

- Digital broadcast-ready – Compatibility with the latest DVB-T2 standard to receive HD TV programmes in surround sound.

*Full compatibility and connectivity with all features are not guaranteed for commercial game pads, mice and keyboards