19 November 2014

Euromonitor shares four pillars to a successful entry into emerging markets

Global market research company Euromonitor International has released Succeed in Emerging Markets: Selection, Strategy and First Steps, an e-book focusing on a four pillar model to assist in entering emerging markets.

The first pillar is market, and it incorporates macroeconomic stability, consumer market size, growth and openness.

The second pillar in Euromonitor’s strategy is population and focuses on demographics. This assists in understanding how a business product or service will fit into a competitive landscape.

The third pillar focuses on access, or the reality of market entry. If a country is not easily accessible, businesses will not successfully produce goods in the market or reach consumers. Other topics discussed within the access pillar are infrastructure, Internet, partners and the retail landscape.

The final pillar reviews the business environment in a particular market, with emphasis on the regulatory environment and corruption.

According to Euromonitor’s Head of Strategic, Economic and Consumer Insight, Sarah Boumphrey, “Too many companies perform inadequate amounts of research prior to launching a product or service in a new market. This is problematic because some markets simply might not work. Utilising Euromonitor’s four pillar model before entering new markets provides a better understanding of the needs of consumers and the business environment in countries of interest.”

Euromonitor’s four pillar market entry strategy model should be tailored on a case-by-case basis based on sector-specific and business-specific factors to ensure the best information is used for each business.

Download a complimentary copy of the white paper about market entry in emerging markets here