3 November 2014

Viva La Fleur starts selling its long-lasting natural floral arrangements online

Since it was set up in October 2013, Viva La Fleur Floral Boutique has been captivating businesses with long-lasting 100% natural floral arrangements and bouquets. The company is the sole distributor for LavieFlo, a technology that enables flowers look freshly plucked for months, without the need to water them or place them in sunlight.

Fresh flowers from Japan, China and other parts of the world undergo an intricate preservation process that replaces the plant sap while maintaining the quality and integrity of petals and foliage. 

"This innovative technique was first developed by a company in France in the late 1980's. Over the years, the technology has been perfected by botanists from Japan and China," said Kayson Wong, Director, Viva La Fleur. "Only non-toxic and cosmetic-grade chemicals are used in the process."

As the first company in Singapore to offer such flowers, Viva La Fleur has been organising roadshows to educate the market. "People thought these were artificial flowers and are amazed that these real flowers can last so long. Most of our customers buy one and when they see the longevity of the flowers for themselves, they buy more and spread the word for us," Wong said.

According to Wong, the average lifespan of each arrangement is three to six months due to wear and tear as well as environmental conditions. "They will not wilt like fresh flowers," he said. "Just use a hairdryer on the cool setting from a moderate distance if they get dusty."

Viva La Fleur has received orders from hotels, hospitality-related companies, retailers, restaurants and country clubs. "Businesses such as hotels like bespoke flower arrangements that resonate with their colour and design philosophy and image," said Wong. "Depending on the occasion, some buy bigger ones for their offices and smaller ones for their desks."

Those interested to view the floral arrangements in person can visit the Floral Boutique at 30 East Coast Road, #02-23, Katong V mall in the Village Katong Hotel, which is open from 11am to 9pm daily. They can also email info@vivalafleur.com.sg or call +65 6440 0642. 

The company has also launched an e-commerce portal as of November 1 with themed collections such as 'Commercial', 'Gifts' and 'Special Events'. A new range of floral arrangements incorporating several new species like roses, hydrangeas, eustomas, gerberas, and carnations can be viewed online. 

"More floral species such as calla lilies, tube roses, pompom mums, spray mums and the all-time favourite dendrobiums will be available," Wong added. "We have an anniversary sale on at up to 50% off for selected floral arrangements now."

Serena Cheu, a business customer who is a Senior Marketing Director, said: "I initially could not believe that these flowers are for real, as I had not seen them around in Singapore. The truth is, they are all 100% natural, do not need water or sunlight and yet, have such prolonged shelf life. The presence of these flowers has brightened up my mood and spirit tremendously. Whenever I need a break from my hectic work, one look and I am instantly rejuvenated with vigour and positive energy. They just always make me smile."

*Images from Viva La Fleur.