12 December 2014

CHKLC announces 2014 winners of HK Corporate Governance Excellence Awards

The winners of the Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards 2014 were recently announced by the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies (CHKLC), the organisers of the annual awards programme. According to the CHKLC, corporate governance represents respect of shareholder rights and values, board and management integrity and degree of transparency and accountability. 

Dr Eddy Fong, Chairman of the Judging Panel, said that the winners have tailored their governance polices and principles to tackle the risks and challenges facing their organisations or industries rather than just following the standard code of practice.

"In addition, winning companies recognise (that) sustainability is an integral part of sound corporate governance and is closely linked to the long term development and prosperity of a company; they have therefore made much efforts in that area," he said.

The winners of the 2014 Awards are Hang Lung Properties and Lenovo Group in the Category for Hang Seng Index Constituents; plus AAC Technologies Holdings and China Pacific Insurance (Group) Company in the Category for Hang Seng Composite Index Constituents. The Lenovo Group won again in the Sustainability category, with VTech Holdings being the other winner.

Patrick Sun, Chairman of CHKLC noted that more companies have been willing to step up to share their experience. "The winners come from very different industry backgrounds and differ in size which shows good corporate governance is not exclusive to large companies with huge resources," he said.

"We are much encouraged to see sustainability measures are receiving wholehearted attention from companies. They are fully integrated into the business operations and treated as part of the risk management process, and are closely linked to the long term prosperity of the companies themselves."