30 December 2014

Fujifilm introduces X100T premium compact camera in the Middle East

Fujifilm has announced the X100T premium compact camera, a follow-on from the successful launch of the X100S, in the Middle East. 

Source: Fujifilm. The X100T is available
in black and silver.
“In March 2011, the launch of the X100 opened up a new market for premium compact cameras. A year later, the second generation X100S was released, complete with a newly developed sensor, processer, and an advanced Hybrid Viewfinder," said Yuta Kawamura, Marketing Manager, electronic imaging division, Fujifilm Middle East & Africa.

“Now, the X100T marks the ultimate evolution as the third generation of the X100 Series, reflecting the feedback from our customers for each and every aspect, including image quality, the viewfinder and user experience.” 

Featuring the world’s first Electronic Rangefinder, the US$1,299 
X100T delivers enhanced image quality thanks to advanced colour reproduction technology, and the new Classic Chrome film simulation mode. The X100T’s optical viewfinder ensures real-time parallax correction and serves as the equipment of choice for photographers in search of precision imaging. 

Additionally, reduced display time lag, automatic brightness control, and enhanced Live View settings have been added to the electronic viewfinder providing a more comfortable shooting experience for the users.

The X100T has a 16.3 megapixel sensor and a 23mm F2 lens. Users have the flexibility of deploying a 1/3-stop aperture ring, command dials, as well as customisable function buttons. A 3" LCD screen improves visibility outdoors.

Photographers can capture professional quality videos with the X100T. With a wide range of selection of frame rates – 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24 fps to record Full HD videos, the X100T is the world’s first* camera that can shoot videos using the optical viewfinder, resembling the shooting experience of a film camera.

In addition, the intelligent hybrid autofocus (AF) enables the users to switch between phase detection AF and contrast AF according to the scene, even during video shooting, and enables manual focus while recording a video.

Developed through 80 years of photographic experience, Fujifilm’s latest film simulation mode - Classic Chrome help users to reproduce warm skin tones, bright blue skies and rich green trees that results in vibrant images.

Comparing the usability in terms of other compact cameras available in the Middle East market, the X100T boasts Wi-Fi connectivity, and, hence, can also be controlled remotely via the Fujifilm Camera Remote app. The app, available for all major mobile and tablet platforms, is practically useful when it comes to seamlessly transferring and/or viewing images from the camera to a preferred device. Wi-Fi transfer enables image back up from the camera onto the computer wirelessly without the hassle of using cables.

Several accessories for the camera are available, ranging from hand grips, conversion lenses (wide and tele), to an external stereo microphone.

*As of August 2014 - Fujifilm research.