29 December 2014

Opera Coast wants to transform the browsing experience

Source: Opera Coast.

The team behind the Opera Coast web browsing app wants to transform the way we browse. The company says it removes distractions between users and their online content, treating websites like apps and tossing out 20 years of legacy features. 

“Great content is what drives the web, and it’s what should drive a great web browser. We want to take our commitment to content a step further in the latest edition of Opera Coast,” says Huib Kleinhout, Product Manager for Opera Coast at Opera Software. “Browsers of the future need to treat the web like a candy store, and re-imagine the best way to help users find, access, enjoy and share their favorite content. There’s more to the web than the sites you visit every day and the first page of search results.”

Opera Coast is based on touch gestures, with nearly no buttons. It puts content front and centre, keeping technology “under the hood” and giving websites the screen’s full real estate.

The new Opera Coast 4.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod includes features like the Discover news feed and Opera Turbo data compression. Discover helps users find latest and greatest stories from all over the Internet, bypassing a search engine to find content while Opera Turbo reduces webpages to a fraction of their original size for speedier browsing and lower data bills. 

A 'share' button allows faster and smoother posting to email, messenger and social networking apps. Opera Coast turns the link into a styled image, ready to caption and share, like sending a web postcard.

Apple's Handoff feature uses Bluetooth and iCloud to allow let users continue browsing on a Handoff-enabled browser like Opera for Mac on a nearby mobile, tablet or laptop.

Download the free Opera Coast 4.0 at the App Store here. View the associated videos here.