3 February 2015

2015 to be a tough year for project management

ESI International, a project management training company, predicts that project managers (PMs) will see more hybrid environments, an increasing demand for talent management, and a growing need to align project outcomes more closely with organisational strategy this year.

“All too often people talk about strategy and execution independently. In the coming months we will see a heightened focus on managing the critical links connecting the two, as more organisations begin to view strategic execution as a core discipline,” said Raed Haddad, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, ESI International. 

“The impact on project management is substantial. Project managers, who are typically held accountable for delivering project outcomes, will now also be responsible for how those deliverables impact the business. This will require a retooling of their skill sets, but in the end it elevates the PM’s role as a critical enabler of business strategy, and that’s a very good thing for project managers who can make the jump.”

ESI’s top trends for project management include:

  • PMs will not get the training they need 
  • Gaps remain between the constraints of cloud-based platforms and business expectations
  • PMs sacrifice project transparency and avoid difficult conversations  
  • Talent management within the PM community comes back into focus, with the ability to find and hire top PM talent dwindling  
  • The disciplines of change management and project management continue to merge as PMs become responsible for delivering project and business outcomes 
  • Project management and business strategy better align to the benefit of the organisation, with project outcomes linked to organisational strategy 

“The project manager’s role will continue to evolve in 2015,” said Haddad. “Improving interpersonal skills, learning the discipline of strategic execution, and becoming well versed in change management practices should be on every PM’s list of new year resolutions.”

Click here to download ESI International’s top 10 project management trends.