20 February 2015

Swarn Amrit makes edible gold sweets in India

Luxury brand Swarn Amrit has, for the first time in India, introduced confectionery made with pure 24 karat gold. According to the company, gold is not only a symbol of purity, prosperity and fortune, but also possesses powers contributing to a long and vital life. 
Swarn Kalash 

The new range includes Indian and international sweets named kalash, mukhi, madhu, yukti and katak. Swarn Mukhi, for example, consists of layers of cashews, almonds, pistachio and gold while Swarn Madhu are Belgian chocolates made with gold, and Swarn Katak is Turkish delight plus gold. 

All gift boxes come with a gold key, and can be personalised with a message and an image on the lid. Request a free sample here.