23 February 2015

Kuwait expected to grow modestly in 2015

Source: KFH Research website.
KFH Research forecasts moderate growth for Kuwait in 2015. In Kuwait Focus 2015: Positive Adjustments, published in late December 2014, the research firm says that real GDP is exected to grow 3.8% in 2015 as compared to 4.1% estimated in 2014. 

This is in line with a modest GDP growth for the whole Gulf Cooperative Council region, which is anticipated to expand at 4.5% from 2014 to 15. Kuwait’s non-oil sector is expected to remain resilient at 5% to 6% as implementation of the government’s development projects maintains its robust pace. 

With many infrastructure projects already in the pipeline, the coming years are likely to witness significant infrastructure
investments to develop the transport, water, power, and refining sectors, KFH Research said.