19 February 2015

Mashreq Bank launches Insure+ Saver savings and investment bundle

Source: Mashreq website.

If you are looking for unbeatable interest rates and a new opportunity to invest wisely, Mashreq Bank has introduced Insure+ Saver, a unit linked savings plan and fixed deposit bundle product for Mashreq Gold members. 

Designed for savers, Mashreq Insure+ Saver offers a wide range of underlying funds. Customers can switch funds freely to match their investment goals in accordance to the market movements. The product offers low withdrawal charges, thus making it easy for customers to access their money. The minimum investment requirement is US$25,000 in a fixed deposit along with an equal amount in an insurance savings plan.
The new product bundle underscores Mashreq’s commitment to offer the best products and service to its customers. Tooran Asif, Head of Personal Banking at Mashreq said:  “Mashreq’s new savings and insurance product is the right opportunity for our customers to make a prudent investment decision and to ensure that 2015 will be a financially rewarding year for them. Mashreq Insure+ Saver is the only way to earn the highest interest rate of 4% per annum on savings in the country. No other bank in the whole of the UAE can offer such a return.”