13 February 2015

Microsoft Lumia 830 and 930 available in gold this February

Source: Microsoft.
The Lumia 930.
The Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 are available in limited-edition gold this February. Both phones are available in black or white with a premium gold finish. 

Both phones feature 5" high-definition screens and offer a superior imaging experience with Zeiss optics. The the combination of a 20-megapixel PureView camera, four microphones with Dolby Surround sound and the dual LED flash found on Lumia 930 gold gives video makers a lot of versatility. Pictures and video can easily be shared. The Windows Phone 8.1 experience supports a wide range of social networking apps, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Skype.

A 2,200 mAh battery on the Lumia 830 and a 2420 mAh battery on the Lumia 930 makes for extended battery life. Users also have the option of wireless charging.

The phones are available in selected countries in Asia Pacific and Middle East, and in China and India. The price varies by region and operator.