12 March 2015

Epson printer helps Indonesian entrepreneur expand, diversify

Source: Epson. A range of the results from the printer.

When Indonesian entrepreneur and digital textile expert Budi Santoso opened his own business in 2008, it had nothing to do with printing. Moshaict is a clothing store that specialises in fashions for Muslim women. The first store opened in Jakarta about six years ago. In 2011, he had a brainwave: why rely on external printers, when he could print his own products and sell them in his store? 

Having discovered the Epson SureColor SC-F7070 online, Santoso made some comparisons with other similar machines and found that the SC-F7070 was the most suitable for his needs. “Everything I read talked about the quality of the prints and the cost was within my reach. I also found out that many of the other brands use Epson’s parts so I thought why not get an entire machine that was made by Epson, rather than one that only has parts," said Santoso. 

“Working with my designer, I used the printer to create our own unique fashion designs and print them in-house. It was a hit and we managed to reduce our costs,” 

The in-house capability that Santoso had spread by word of mouth, with one designer telling another and coming to Santoso for printing. This led to the creation of another company, iPrintex.

Since purchasing the SureColor SC-F7070, Santoso has seen his business double. When he started with iPrintex, he went through a roll (approximately 100m) of material per day, but after a year, the business is going through two rolls per day, its maximum capacity.

Source: Epson. The Epson SureColor SC-F7070.

Santoso currently has ten Moshaict outlets in and around Jakarta and is looking to open at least another five more. This means more textile printing, an area that Santoso has already decided to focus on.

"I chose Epson and it paid off; my customers are all very satisfied,” states Santoso. “This investment has already allowed me to grow my fashion business and branch out into a brand new area of business – professional printing. I definitely want to expand my printing capabilities, invest more in it and see it grow.”