17 March 2015

HP rolls out storage options for smaller business

Midsized companies need to move fast, yet often lack the resources to take advantage of powerful storage technologies that are deployed in the larger enterprise. HP is helping bridge this gap with low-cost ways to accelerate applications, including an affordable solid state drive (SSD) read-caching solution from a major vendor with SSD options for HP MSA Storage.1

For customers looking at hybrid flash storage, HP is now offering a new HP StoreVirtual Storage system which is 12 times faster than an equivalently priced spinning media array.1,2 Additionally, HP is now helping customers protect data with a more scalable HP StoreOnce Backup appliance and new HP StoreEasy Storage file serving appliances that include software for disaster recovery and cloud backup.

“The demand for rapid response to changing conditions is crucial for businesses of all sizes, but for midsized companies, access to required storage capabilities can be just out of reach,” said Phil Davis, Vice President & General Manager, HP Storage, HP Asia Pacific & Japan. “At HP, we’re working with channel partners to simplify storage infrastructure and accelerate growth for customers by bringing hot technologies such as flash storage down into the entry segment.”

Two of the fastest growing segments in the external storage market are entry and flash arrays. HP is combining recently-introduced SSD caching and tiering capabilities with aggressively priced flash drives. HP’s MSA disk array enables customers to perform large-scale queries and other data-intensive operations up to 65% more quickly.2

HP also released a new StoreVirtual 4335 hybrid flash array that utilises the latest SSDs and Adaptive Optimization tiering functionality to deliver 12 times the performance with more than 90% power and footprint savings per two-node cluster compared to a traditional spinning disk configuration.2

HP has also upgraded its StoreOnce Backup family to better accommodate the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. The entry-level StoreOnce 2900 protects up to 70 TB of data in a single, 12-hour window and restores up to 41 TB in the same period.2 It also offers customers twice as much backup capacity3 and 30% better performance4 than competitive systems at 23% lower cost.5 

For smaller customers looking for a completely software-defined backup appliance, the HP StoreOnce Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) can be run within a virtual machine without any need to purchase additional hardware. HP StoreOnce VSA provides deduplicated disk backup features alongside application-based virtual machines on virtual servers running VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Linux KVM. HP StoreOnce VSA is expanded to include a larger 50TB high capacity option as well as a fully-functional 1TB free option. Customers will be able to download the free 1TB StoreOnce VSA starting on March 23 at www.hp.com/go/freebackup.

(1)      HP internal competitive analysis and pricing based on publicly available information.
(2)      Based on internal HP testing.
(3)      Based on raw capacity of 48 TB as compared to 24 TB for EMC DD2200.
(4)      HP internal competitive analysis based on native backup speed. The StoreOnce 2900 offers 23% faster backup than EMC DD2200 at 5.8 TB/hour using HP StoreOnce Catalyst, 10GbE and restore performance of up to 3.4TB/hr.
(5)      HP internal competitive analysis based on US list price of US$26,000 for the base model, the 2900 delivers 23% better $/TB/U over the EMC DD2200.