30 April 2015

New Ralph Fresh adds floral citrus note to life

Source: L'Oreal.

Ralph Lauren Fragrances has introduced RALPH FRESH, a mix of magnolia and sparkling lemon. Matching the sunny disposition of the RALPH FRESH woman, this scent captures a zest for life with a bright and feminine air, and is a cool, fun and flirty addition to a perfume collection, the company said.

The floral citrus scent was inspired by a sparkling sorbet:

Top notes*: Watermelon accord**, lemon sorbet accord, mandarin oil
Mid notes: Magnolia accord, chilled freesia accord, rose absolute***
Base notes: Dry woods, musks, white orris accord

The RALPH FRESH frosted bottle features a crisp, white opaque label with a fun pop of pink. The design is topped with the signature RALPH blue transparent cap.

*The top notes are the fragrances that are immediately obvious after the perfume is applied. Mid notes appear anywhere from a minute to an hour later, while base notes show up at least 30 minutes after the perfume has been applied, and may still be discerned as long as 24 hours later.

**An accord harmonises individual fragrances into a new, balanced scent

***An absolute is an essence