14 May 2015

Country Holidays launches new Signature Departures for 2015

Bespoke travel agent Country Holidays has introduced new Signature Departures itineraries for luxury travellers departing from Singapore. Launched in 2011 to bring an entirely new perspective to group travel, Signature Departures avoids crowded bus tours, impersonal hotel chains, mass canteen meals and tourist traps. 

Theng Hwee Chang, Managing Director of Country Holidays says: "We launched Signature Departures four years ago to meet the growing demand for enriching group travel experiences outside of the mainstream. By limiting the number of travellers to 16, we are able to source the smaller hotels in smaller towns and hence create a more authentic, off-the-beaten-track experience for the group."

The following trips are new to Signature Departures in 2015:

Source: Country
Holidays. Ladakh.
Ladakh – Mountains, Monks & Monasteries (19 to 27 September 2015)

As Tibet gets sinicised, the Ladakhi living on the remote Tibetan plateau cut off from the rest of the world by the Himalayas and Karakorum retain much of their original way of life. The trip starts with a drive from the plateau through stunning terrain, stopping off at oasis villages and unseen monasteries along the way. 

Ending in the capital of Leh, travellers receive an education into Ladakh culture and history with a series of special private visits and talks. Then, the group moves its base is to The Chamba Camp, a luxury tented accommodation from where they hike into the rural countryside.

India Photography Workshop with Michael Freeman (22 to 30 November 2015)

A unique and rewarding opportunity to learn beside  British author, photographer and journalist Michael Freeman in a country full of colourful rituals, vibrant local bazaars, and unique daily lives, focused around Amritsar and Varanasi.

Iran – The Heart Of Persia (24 September to 3 October 2015)

Iran is the heart of the Persian civilisation, and has been under Islamic influence for nearly 1,500 years. There are now 20 UNESCO sites in Iran, seven of which feature on this trip.

The journey starts in the city of Shiraz and the ruins at nearby Persepolis and ends at the architecturally stunning city of Esfahan, translated in Persian to mean “half the world”. The trip finishes in the capital Tehran, where travellers will recall the country’s history through the National Museum of Archaeology; discover carpet weaving and see the world’s biggest pink diamond.