28 May 2015

Isan Explorer introduces new food tour

Source: Isan Explorer website.
Isan Explorer, a tour company focused on Northeast Thailand, has created a food tour showcasing the cuisine of the country's seldom-visited Isan region.

The full-day tour begins in a large fresh market to buy most of the food that guests will be eating for lunch and the ingredients they will use to cook dinner. It then moves out of the city to a small village. 

The menu is designed for sampling: in total there are 20 main dishes – including bamboo shoot curry, sour fish, grilled chicken, steamed mushrooms, green bean som tam, and eggplant dipping sauce – plus many sides, snacks, and drinks. Before helping their village host prepare dinner, guests will walk around the village to collect some additional ingredients, such as leaves, flowers, fruits, insects, and crabs, depending on the season.

"Isan food has some similarities with Thai food, but overall it's a very different cuisine," explains Tim Bewer, Isan Explorer's founder. "And some popular foods that people think of as Thai, such as spicy papaya salad (som tam), are actually Isan foods adopted by the rest of the country."