5 June 2015

COPC announces contact centre training schedule for 2H15

COPC, a consulting firm that helps organisations improve the customer experience, has announced its training schedule for the second half of 2015. COPC offers in-person classes that cover operational areas for customer contact.

“Customers interact with companies through many touch points such as phone, email, social media, mobile and the web. We take our call centre expertise and apply our proven best practices to manage these newer channels to deliver a unified experience,” said Kathleen Jezierski, COO, COPC.

“All of our training provides a consistent operational approach to managing the customer experience. Our public classes this year have been filling up quickly, so we developed an extensive global calendar for the remainder of this year.”

The company’s flagship programme is the COPC Registered Coordinator Training for Customer Service Providers (CSP), which provides best practices for managing a high-performance customer contact operation. Many regions also teach COPC Registered Coordinator Training for VMOs, a programme for vendor managers that provides a framework for sourcing and managing suppliers.

In Asia Pacific, COPC will conduct 20 classes of CSP or VMO Registered Coordinator Training, along with COPC Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers Yellow Belt Training, COPC High Performance Management Techniques, and COPC Customer Experience Training. The classes are offered in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Malaysia and the Philippines, and are taught in English and Chinese.

India will also offer CSP and VMO Registered Coordinator Training, in Delhi and Mumbai while Japan will host CSP and VMO Registered Coordinator Training in Tokyo, Sapporo and Osaka. These courses are taught by a COPC partner and are available only in Japanese.


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