26 June 2015

Tour the top 25 travel destinations in the world, beginning with Turkey

The top 25 TripAdvisor destinations in the world for 2015 include a number from the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

Source: TripAdvisor website. Istanbul.

  • Turkey is the only country with two locations listed, Istanbul (no. 3) and Goreme (no. 14). 
  • French Indochina has two entries in the top five, Siem Reap, Cambodia at no. 2 and Hanoi, Vietnam in 4th place.  
  • Mainland Southeast Asia is represented by Bali's Ubud, Indonesia (no. 15), and Bangkok, Thailand (no. 18). 
  • The Pacific sees Queenstown, New Zealand at no. 22, and Sydney, Australia at no. 25. 
  • No. 19 is Kathmandu, Nepal; no. 23 is Hong Kong, China, and No. 24 is Dubai, UAE.