3 June 2015

TV, newspapers and video streaming dominate in SEA Games

Source: YouGov. See the full infographic.
Expect colleagues and clients to be a little distracted in Southeast Asia when the bi-annual Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) 2015 kicks off in earnest on June 5. The event will see 11 countries compete across 36 sports, and a number of competitions are already under way. 

YouGov, an online polling and survey firm, has asked 6,000 people from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines about the games. Here are the highlights:

·         Watching it on TV (71%) and reading about the latest updates on newspapers (48%) are the two most popular ways people see themselves keeping up with this year's SEA Games.
·         30% of all the people we polled think Thailand will win the most medals this year, including other Southeast Asians.
·         Singapore came in at no. 2 as home ground, with Indonesia just behind.

As the snippet from the infographic shows, streaming the action online comes in third for the ways in which people want to follow the games. This could lead to additional traffic on corporate networks that companies may need to police, or to arrange for additional resources so they can handle the increased demand.