7 July 2015

Digi partners Telenor to offer subscribers a free image storage service

Digi has introduced Capture, a free mobile app and service to back up images in the cloud that is offered by Telenor. 

Capture allows users to save and back up photos and videos from their devices automatically to protect them in case they lose their phone, or need to transfer them when buying a new device. It also acts as additional storage, particularly for entry level devices with less space.

Non-Digi customers can download and use Capture with 2GB of storage space at no cost. Digi customers are offered 30GB of storage space and zero Internet charges for all uploads and downloads via the app. Digi Postpaid customers on SmartPlan 108 and above are entitled to 100GB of space. The service is available on iOS, Android and through  Web browsers.

“Capture allows Malaysians to take photos and videos without worrying about losing these memories and Digi customers can even do so without worrying about data charges. With today’s high definition photos and video recordings, our smartphones and tablets quickly run out of storage space. Having Capture means we no longer have to worry about that,” said Christian Thrane, Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“At Digi, and Telenor Group, we want to empower people to do more through no  content creation and internet connectivity.”


Digi customers can send an SMS containing the word “Capture” to 20000 to receive instructions on downloading the app and activating the service.

Capture can be downloaded separately