31 August 2015

New Air China rules for flights departing from Beijing

Air China passengers departing from Beijing are advised to reach the airport early. Air China has changed the check-in closing time for domestic flights at Terminal 3, Beijing Capital International Airport. Prior to August 20, 2015, passengers were allowed to check in 30 minutes before departure. Since August 20 passengers have to check in at least 45 minutes before departure.

The check-in closing time for international flights is 60 minutes prior to departure.

Additional time should also be factored in for checked baggage inspections. According to the airline, the following items are not accepted in checked baggage on flights departing from Beijing Capital International Airport. Items in the following list suspected to be present during the security check, will require the passenger's baggage* to be opened for inspection, after which the items will be confiscated:

(1) Bullets, ammunition, weapons, knives, crossbows, and other arms and dummies
(2) Items of an explosive nature
(3) Inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and radioactive materials
(4) Lithium batteries, mobile chargers, lighters and matches
(5) Other prohibited items specified by the state

The airline has also updated its rules on lighters and matches on its flights departing from all airports. Passengers are not allowed to carry either item with them on Air China flights, whether in carry-on baggage or in checked-in luggage. The rule applies whether passengers purchase Air China tickets from the official website, via a distributor or through retail agents.

*Baggage may not be loaded onto a flight if it is delayed because of inspection procedures.