12 September 2015

Mashreq offers existing customers foreign currency support

Source: Mashreq Bank.

Mashreq in the UAE is offering an instant Foreign Currency Account (FCY) to existing customers, who can open the new account online, at no additional cost and with full transactional capability.

Once open, customers can transfer funds from any existing account to buy foreign currencies like US$, the Euro, British pound and A$ for the FCY-denominated account. It can also be used for inward or outward remittances.

Tooran Asif, Head of Personal Banking, Mashreq said, "We understand our customers’ needs for convenient banking services, and we know the hassle people go through with currency exchange and services. Mashreq is currently the first bank in the UAE to offer the new instant FCY facility to customers. This is yet another showcase that Mashreq is advancing rapidly and we are committed to creating innovative products and services that provide quick and reliable solutions."

Aref Al Ramli, Head of Electronic Business Innovation commented, "We want to provide our customers with the most advanced and secure platforms to carry out their everyday banking transactions. The FCY is aimed to provide customers with instant, efficient and a smooth service and with this service we reflect on Mashreq’s commitment to continue extending its customers with the best banking services and products."

For additional accessibility, select Mashreq branches will allow US$, Euro and British pound balances to be withdrawn.