13 November 2015

Extend the range of Linksys routers with new high-gain antennas

The WRT router four-pack.
Linksys, the first company to sell 100 million routers globally and a networking solutions provider for the home and business, today announced the first dual-band, omni-directional high-gain antennas for the consumer market.

The new Linksys high-gain antennas are available in a two- and four-pack versions to help improve a router’s overall signal strength and throughput specifically at the edge of a Wi-Fi network, resulting in enhanced Wi-Fi performance.

Compatible with any wireless router that features an RP-SMA connection, these new antennas deliver 4dBi in the 2.4GHz band and 7dBi in the 5 GHz band for up to 2X* antenna gain over stock antennas.

A more focused beamwidth also equates to higher throughput and a faster, more seamless online experience for all users. According to Linksys, owners can detach the router’s factory antennas and replace them with the new ones.

Mike Chen, VP of product management and engineering, said: “Antennas amplify a Wi-Fi signal and improve performance within the coverage area – providing a stronger Wi-Fi signal and throughput. New antennas like ours will help customers that are looking to improve Wi-Fi throughput at the boundaries
of their existing wireless network. In testing conducted by Linksys, the antennas optimised performance best in a single storey environment where the router is on the same floor as the primary Wi-Fi usage. If users require signal enhancement on multiple floors, a range extender is more ideal.”

Depending on the environment, a repeater or range extender may be needed in order to amplify and relay signals.


The Linksys WRT004ANT (four-pack) and WRT002ANT (two-pack) omnidirectional high gain antennas are available in Singapore exclusively at Challenger @ Funan DigitaLife Mall and Challenger.com at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of S$149 and S$85 respectively.

*Actual performance may vary, including lower wireless network capacity, data rate, range and coverage. Performance depends upon many factors and variables, including products used, interference, physical distance, equipment used and other adverse conditions. 7 dBi (for 5 GHz) is up to 2x average antenna gain 3.5 dBi (for 5 Ghz) for stock antennas. The antenna also provides 4 dBi (for 2.4GHz), which is up to 1.5x average Antenna gain compared to 2.5 dBi (for 2.4Ghz).