17 December 2015

Acronis offers new versions of Acronis True Image Cloud, True Image 2016 for backups

Source: Acronis.
Acronis, the global player in new generation data protection, has updated Acronis True Image Cloud and Acronis True Image 2016, the universal full image backup solutions for personal, family and home office use. The newest versions are updated based on customer feedback, which highlighted a huge demand for offloading data from a local machine, smartphone or tablet to the cloud due to space constraints, user interface improvements, and family data protection features that make it easy to manage the backup and recovery of multiple PCs, Macs, smart phones and tablets.

“We updated the latest release of Acronis True Image based on input from customers who told us that the two most common data protection problems that families face today are damaged or lost devices, and running out of disk space on their devices,” said Steve Goh, Acronis’ Vice President of Sales for Asia-Pacific & Emerging Markets. “Just in time for the holidays, the latest Acronis True Image makes it easier than ever for the family IT manager to protect multiple devices and keep all their precious photos and data safe this season. You can also make sure you never run of space to take pictures with our simplified data offloading feature that quickly moves pictures to the cloud, rather than storing them on your device.”

Acronis True Image provides complete data protection for computers, including pictures, videos, documents, applications, passwords, settings, and the entire operating system.

Acronis True Image Cloud features unlimited cloud storage for backups and an easy-to-use, centralised dashboard that lets one person manage the backup and recovery of multiple devices, for a family or home office. Acronis True Image Cloud provides complete protection against data loss disasters and mishaps, including accidental file deletions and user errors, as well as damaged devices, loss and theft.

Acronis True Image is powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, a set of powerful data protection technologies enabling advanced and reliable backup and disk management tools, including:

· Full image backup – provides block-level copying of data that allows users to create an exact replica of computer hard disks. Users have a choice to back up only specific folders or make a complete replica of a disk.

· Universal restore – allows users to restore a full image backup to new PCs or Mac computers, including to dissimilar hardware, and migrate the complete operating system, applications and data over to the new disk or new computer.

· Rapid upload – balances network resource consumption to ensure maximum utilisation of network bandwidth for fast backup uploads of data, without disrupting the user’s current work and experience.

· Try & decide – provides a controlled, temporary environment to safely test new software, drivers, and system configurations with an ability to safely roll back to a stable, previous system configuration in the event of technical and performance issues, or security threats like a virus or malware.

· Clone disk – creates an exact replica of a disk drive, which is useful for a complete migration of data from one drive to another, and for making multiple disk drive replicas of the same content.


Acronis True Image Cloud with unlimited cloud backup and archiving costs:

· S$94.99 per year for one computer and three devices
· S$159.99 per year for three computers and ten devices
· S$199.99 per year for five computers and fifteen devices

Acronis True Image 2016 for local-only backup and restore costs:

· S$69.99 for one computer
· S$79.99 for three computers
· S$94.99 for five computers

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Acronis True Image is also available in Challenger