5 December 2015

Castlery merges online and offline retail

Source: Castlery. The Castlery team at the launch of the experience centre.

Businesses looking to furnish their offices in Singapore can visit Castlery, an online furniture retail platform with a newly launched, 7,000 sq m experience centre in Singapore. Castlery produces and retails original furniture via their online to offline furniture shopping model. An online showroom offers options and availability, while the experience centre allows customers to see the objects physically.

Castlery’s approach of streamlining the design and production process throughout the whole supply chain helps to reduce order delivery times, the updating of new designs while at the same time passing on up to 70% of cost savings by cutting out traditional middlemen.

“We believe good designs with quality workmanship should be made available for everyone to enjoy. By combining creative ideas from our international designers with the control of the whole supply chain, we optimise each function across the process of offering great furniture, thereby bringing about tremendous cost savings for consumers,” said Declan Ee, co-founder of Castlery. "Witnessing a customer’s satisfaction when he receives a piece of well-designed furniture that fits their personality, is priceless for us.”

The company recently introduced a 1:1 consultation service for in-depth recommendations. An online appointment calendar facilitates scheduling for consultations, while deliveries can be scheduled in a similar way.

Castlery further enhances shoppers’ experience by being the first furniture company in Singapore to introduce an online lead-time indicator for its products.

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